Are you suffering from flu-like symptoms, malaise, respiratory problems, or immune problems?

Have these appeared in the past few years . . .

Seemingly out of nowhere?

If so, then you are probably suffering from Chemtrail Disease©

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If you have any of these health problems:

  • Respiratory Problems and Acute Respiratory Distress
  • Chronic Fatigue and Flu-like Symptoms
  • Chronic Headaches and Allergies
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
  • Mental and Emotional Problems
  • Immune System Depletion
  • Mysterious, Debilitating and Uncurable Health Problems

These may well be coming from Chemtrails spraying in the atmosphere.

What are Chemtrails?

     The various governments have been spraying in the upper atmosphere for a number of years for unknown purposes, good or nefarious, resulting in what has become known as Chemtrails over many parts of the world.

Chemtrails Poster
Chemtrails spraying is going on around the world around the clock. For what?.

     Many people have developed strange symptoms and chronic health problems following the spraying as the various constituents of the Chemtrails have fallen to earth.

     These constituents have been particularly identified as barium and mycoplasmas. Whether the mycoplasmas are part of the original spraying or become attached to the particulate matter of the Chemtrails is unknown.

Did You Know :

  •      Washington reporter Mike Blair wrote that what has been dubbed "chemtrails" is actually "anti-bacteriological warfare chemicals being tested by the federal government."

    It has been reported that this program gained its legality from US Code Title 50, Section 1520, which gives the Secretary of Defense authority to order testing "involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population" for research purposes.

    East London Chemtrails
    Chemtrails clearly seen.
  •      On October 2, 2001 Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Ohio introduced H. R. 2977 during the 1st Session of the 107th Congress of the United States. The "Space Preservation Act of 2001" seeks to "preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benfit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons."

    In the bill Chemtrails are listed as an "exotic weapons system".

  • Are your health problems caused by germ warfare or government experiments?
  • If so, what are you going to do about it?

    Chemtrails Analyzed :

         Samples from these chemtrails were analyzed by a facility in Victoria, British Columbia, which is licensed by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and found to contain in addition to JP-8 jet fuel (possibly the carrier medium which contains the additive ethylene dibromide, banned as a pesticide due to causing severe respiratory reactions even at low levels) numerous pathogens, disease causing agents.

    The scourge of Mycoplasma.
         These included Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, which not only causes respiratory infection but also attacks the immune system; Serratia Marcescens, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria which causes pneumonia, endocarditis and meningitis; as well as Streptomyces and molds capable of inducing heart disease, upper respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments.

    Have you experienced symptoms of unknown origin?

    Local News Station Confirms Barium in Chemtrails

    History of Chemtrails Disease©

         Chemtrails spraying started around 1999. To this date no one has a definitive answer as to why the spraying is going on, nor why people are developing all sorts of odd health problems and complaints following spraying.

         Don Croft, a leading researcher into chemtrails and their dispersal and treatment by natural means states:

         Anyone who has been accustomed to looking at the sky knows that in early 1999 the chemtrails began making almost daily appearances in all these regions, turning the sky into a big tic-tac-toe game, with sometimes six or eight white, very quiet jets seen at any given time, all day long, flying at altitudes far too low to leave contrails.. The United Nations is the only organization I'm aware of that flies white, unmarked aircraft and the spewplanes fly low enough to be easily dentified with binoculars.

    Louisville Chemtrails
    Chemtrails clearly seen.
         I was living in Des Moines, Iowa, when this started and on the first day, few people noticed the bizarre display in the sky but everyone was talking about the sudden rise in respiratory illness and deaths among the elderly, infirm and infants there.

    After the first spraying, my neighbor, a retired truck driver in his seventies, looked like he was about to drop in the driveway from coughing and he had a deathly pall, so I asked him to use one of my zappers. Thankfully, he did for an hour or so and the next day his complexion was rosy, he otherwise looked like a million bucks and was vigorously shoveling snow.

    Eight years in the healing trade, making and selling zappers, had accustomed me to witnessing these extraordinary reversals but in the coming years the increasing endemics, as the biological and chemical weaponry of the chemtrails insinuated themselves from the lungs, into the other vital organs, especially the liver, caused me a lot of concern....

    A couple of months ago, Doc von Peters agreed to formulate a remedy specifically intended to reverse the effects of these assaults... this little bottled remedy has far exceeded our expectations...

    Chemtrails Disease©

    Chemtrails Disease© is a non-medically recognized condition - which is why your M.D. doesn't tell you about this - caused by aerial spraying.

    It is a fact -- more and more people are developing strange chronic type conditions which are generally unresponsive to standard medical care, as well as to herbal treatment -- due to internal toxic changes in the body.

    Dr. William G. von Peters, OMD, NMD, PhD, developed a remedy called ChemBuster which thousands of Americans have used to help overcome their acute symptoms of constant aerial spraying, and also to protect themselves from the symtoms.

    But what if you are already chronic? Then chemtrails disease© is dragging you steadily downward. You are on several prescription medications for symptoms with unknown causes, and get little relief. What to do? 

    You need to be treated for Chemtrails Disease©.

    Life Energy and Chemtrails

    Chemtrails are also affecting the life or bio-energy, resulting in severe fatigue and weakening. 

    Dr. Wilhelm Reich was a major researcher into what he called "orgone energy" which is part and parcel of all life on earth, and may well be God's natural energy of life which pervades the earth and its atmosphere.

    While known by several names including orgone, life energy, bio-energy, etc., it is believed that the Chemtrails spraying is upsetting the balance between orgone energy and its negative counterpart D-Orgone which has a life-sapping effect.

    Further, Reich showed that an adequate amount of orgone energy must be absorbed by the body to maintain health and normal physical and mental function. This is notrmally done through healthy air and sunlight and contact of the skin with the earth itself.

    It is stated by some that Chemtrails spraying is blocking the absorption of this energy as well as blocking body function necessary to proper nutrition, elimination and absorption of necessary elements. 

    Want more information about Chemtrails? Here is a Las Vegas story on them and their terrible health effects. Click Here for Story.

    Your Chronic Illness CAN Be Helped!

    As the developer of ChemBuster, Dr. William G. von Peters, OMD, NMD, PhD is the expert in treating problems from Chemtrails.
    Thousands of men, women, and children (and pets) have been helped with his formulation of ChemBuster.
    If your problems have reached the chronic level then you need to consider treatment for Chemtrails Disease©.
    Medical Doctors, no matter how well intentioned, are simply not cognizant of, or do not believe in, Chemtrails.
    So all the medical profession can, or will, offer you is to try and treat the symptoms with various drugs. -- All the while, your body is collapsing into more and more serious chronic health problems -- without ever dealing with the primary cause, Chemtrails spraying - the cause of Chemtrails Disease©.
    If You Are A Victim Of Chemtrails Disease©
    You owe it to yourself, and your family to investigate Dr. William G. von Peters' unique treatment for Chemtrails Disease©.
    Dr. von Peters is America's highest credentialed natural physician, and has practiced natural and oriental medicine for over 30 years.
    His is a world-wide practice dedicated to healing the sick where ever they may be through state-of-the-art distance practice.
    He has advanced degrees in natural medicine from 5 countries, and holds Russia's highest degree of Professor. He has been an honorary Professor at Moscow's Institute for Preventive Medicine; and is a Visiting Professor at the Heilongjiang College of Chinese Medicine.
    Thus, Dr. von Peters is at the top of his profession in healing acute and chronic health problems using cutting edge natural therapies.
    Chemtrails Disease© is a real, non-medical disease, affecting millions -- and the ongoing onslaught of Chemtrails spraying is continuing to erode and destroy your immune system.
    Rich or poor, it does not matter -- Chemtrails are killing you. We all live on this planet Earth, and are all ingesting these toxins into our bodies every day -- and they are destroying your life and health. How long before Chemtrails Disease© kills you or a loved one is based upon the strength of your body and mmune system.
    Are you one of the lucky ones who chooses life and health over just "getting along"?
    Dr. von Peters considers his practice a vocation, and believes that God wants you to live a long, healthy life. Let us work to make it so!
    If you have the will, financial and spiritual wherewithal and a burning desire to regain your health and happiness; and to live a long life, your time of choice is now.

    If you have any of these health problems:

    • Respiratory Problems and Acute Respiratory Distress
    • Chronic Fatigue and Flu-like Symptoms
    • Chronic Headaches and Allergies
    • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
    • Mental and Emotional Problems
    • Immune System Depletion, or other
    • Mysterious, Debilitating and Uncurable Health Problems
    Complete the patient information form immediately, and someone from Dr. von Peters' office will contact you.
    Your life, Your health, Your choice!
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